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What do I need to consider regarding wind ratings for my site?

There are a number of considerations for wind rating. In order to ensure you get the correctly rated product, you should advise us of the wind rating for your site. The wind rating is a calculation combining the geographic location to determine the region (refer Fig 3.1 AS1170.2-2011), the terrain category for the site, the topographic classification for the site and the shielding factor. If the rating is cyclonic, then there is a further requirement if the distance of the product is within 1200mm of the corner of the building, this needs to be advised to us also if applicable, as there is a considerable pressure difference be considered in design.

Does water penetration requirement change with building type?

The water penetration requirements vary for class 1 and class 10 building. Class 1 (occupied dwelling) requires that the pascal rating increase with higher wind pressures. This is not a requirement for class 10 buildings (unoccupied, [shed etc]).

What can I do to better protect in bush fire areas?

In recent times there has been a move to standardise the bush fire ratings used Australia wide. This is covered in AS 3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bush fire prone areas. There are a number of ratings depending on a site assessment. In most cases, the use of metal mesh in fly screens rather than fibreglass mesh is sufficient, in other cases, toughened glass needs to be used instead of float glass. In more severe cases it may be required to have fire shutters.

What are BASIX requirements?

Basix is a requirement in NSW for new construction in excess of $50,000. It uses an internet based program to identify energy efficiencies with recommendations for windows and doors being only one component. For further information go to

How do I install my windows and doors?

Installing windows and doors is often left to builders or carpenters to do, however, we live in a DIY world and there is no reason that you cannot install your own. Go to the download site and there are links to installing our window designed specifically for metal clad buildings. There is also a link for installing into brick, timber, fibrous cement and other wall finishes.

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