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What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a type of protective and decorative coating that is applied electrostatically as a dry powder and then cured in an oven. The curing process heats the dry powder allowing it to flow and form a tough, solid film. The key difference between powder and liquid coatings is that powder does not require a solvent and is VOC free, therefore making it a less hazardous coating.

What can I apply powder coatings to?

Powder coatings are usually applied to metal substrates such as aluminium or steel but Interpon have also developed technologies for powder coating application to other materials such as MDF.

In order for powder coating to be effective, the substrate must be clean and allow easy keying for the coating.  This may require cleaning or sandblasting unless the material is new.

AMIA offer a sandblasting service for many materials, and we would welcome your enquiry for more information.

Is powder coating environmentally friendly?

Powder coating exhibits many environmental advantages. Powder coatings are VOC free and produce virtually no waste as any reclaim generated during the application process can be captured and recycled with nearly 100% use of the coating.

How does powder coating compare to alternative products?

Environment – Unlike powder coatings, liquid coatings contain VOC emitting solvents that are harmful to both human health and the environment. Limits of VOCs in indoor spaces in particular are closely monitored and can impact your project’s ‘green rating’.

Further, liquid coatings are not able to be reclaimed and any overspray end up in waste, while powder coating overspray can be reclaimed and reused resulting in virtually no waste and more efficient production lines. Powder coatings also require less manufacturing and transportation energy due to their lack of solvents which can add mass and weight to liquid coatings.

Color capability – While, like liquid coatings, powder coatings can be limited due to high performance requirements, technological advances have meant that powder coatings have a near endless color production capability. Powder coatings have even started to compete with liquid coatings to achieve bright metallic finishes. While still lagging behind the ultra bright effect available in liquid, manufacturers are achieving ever-brighter coatings with advancing technology.

Durability – Powder coatings have a reputation for superior hardness and durability. Widely used on items such as agricultural equipment, lawnmowers, outdoor furniture and other well used objects, powder coatings are the ideal metal coating for architectural areas in constant use such as window and door framing, shopfronts, fencings and railings.

Cost – there are many factors that can influence the final cost of a coating ranging from application, reusability, and transportation costs to the volume required and the competitiveness of the market. As such, it is difficult to compare costs between alternative coatings. Ultimately, keeping costs in check can come down to ensuring quality standards are in place and using quality assured applicators are a good way to achieve this.

What is the AS3715 standard?

AS3715 is the Australian standard for ‘Metal Finishing – Thermoset powder coating for architectural applications of aluminium and aluminium alloys’. It sets out the Australian standards required for pre-treatment, application and performance of powder coatings on aluminium substrates.

What is the Interpon D range?

Interpon D is the Interpon powder coating product range for application to architectural aluminium. The range includes a number of coating technologies designed to help meet your requirements.

Where can I find pricing information?

Our pricing structure is dependant on volume, technology and color choice and as such can vary. Please contact us for specific product pricing.

Why should I use an Interpon D approved applicator?

AMIA is an Interpon D Approved Applicator, who are assessed against comprehensive criteria on an ongoing basis to ensure our pre-treatment and application procedures meet our high quality standards.

This assurance of quality application means we can offer warranties on our architectural range when applied by us as an approved applicator.

What colours are available to me?

We usually carry a very large range of colours, including the standard Colorbond range.  Feel free to call us and ask if we stock your required colour.  If we do not have it, we can probably get it.

Click here to view Interpons standard colour cards.

I need a specific color for a project, can Interpon manufacture it?

Interpon offers an industry leading custom color match service. Using this service AMIA can match nearly every conceivable color from virtually any source. Whether your specific color is an RGB, pantone or RAL value, a wet paint, or even a piece of cut off metal we can provide an accurate match.

Please note, due to our stringent durability and color performance compliance some colors may not be possible to manufacture in the desired technology. Please contact us for advice on color matching and manufacture.

I only need to coat a small area, what are your minimum order sizes?

Minimum charges apply for very small orders and vary depending on colour and finish required.  For further information and pricing please contact us.

What is the maximum size item you can powder coat?

Our powder coating is done on a state of the art conveyor system.  The oven and line have a height restriction of 1500mm and a width restriction of 880mm.  Item lengths should not exceed 6.5 metres, but longer lengths can be accommodated.  For further information and confirmation regarding a specific item, please contact us.

How long does powder coating take?

AMIA run most popular colours on a weekly or at most fortnightly cycle.  Where possible, we will always endeavour to meet your needs.  A 24 hour turnaround service is available, at an additional cost.

How long does it take to manufacture custom made colors?

Custom made colors are manufactured by Interpon within a 4 week lead time. If time is of the essence for your project and the quantity does not exceed 200kg (coats 1400m2) this can be reduced to a 5-7 work day turnaround with Interpon’s unique small batch manufacture MiniB service.  AMIA has full access to their services so can offer these custom colours.

How do I specify Interpon products and can I get specifications off the Interpon site?

This can be done by visiting the Interpon website where they have made it as simple as possible to specify their products. Because it’s important to take into consideration a range of factors when specifying, they’ve created a “Write a Specification” tool – a simple series of questions that results in the correct specification.

What GBCA Green Star credits are Interpon D products eligible for?

Our entire Interpon D range of architectural coatings contributes toward several green credit points within the IEQ category. For detailed information on each applicable rating tool visit the Interpon Green Star credit page.

What warranties are offered on the Interpon D architectural range?

AMIA are accredited by Interpon and can offer warranties for 10 and 15 year applications if requried.  Our standard powder coating service does not include the warranty, although high grade powders are used.

The pre-treatment and application processes for powder coating steel substrates varies markedly from aluminium substrates. Due to this we are not currently accredited to offer warranties on non-aluminium products.

For more information, please contact us.

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