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Changes to AS2047

Are you aware of the changes to Australian Standards AS2047 – Windows and External Glazed Doors in Buildings?

The previous publication of this Standard was 1999. A revised Standard has been published in September 2014, so mandatory implementation of the new Standard will be enforced from September 2015.

What does this mean for you?

There are 7 major amendments to consider now. The most significant changes include;

  1. Wind pressures have now been updated to align with AS 4055 including higher wind pressures applicable to windows located near the corner of buildings
  2. Deflection / span ratios have changed to align with lower serviceability limit state wind pressures.
  3. Increased water penetration requirements for class 1-9 buildings.

To prepare for this new amendment to the Standard, it’s important to let you know of some of the changes you can expect to see in the coming months.

  • Change in rating of windows – many of the former rated windows in product list files will not rate to this new standard.
  • Responsibility – correct design and window selection lies with the building designer. Being aware of this knowledge, will help protect against the possibility of costly errors for our customers.


What changes can you expect?

AMIA Pricing lists for the National Shed Market – will be updated to reflect changes in structural design amendments.

With these new changes, price lists would grow considerably to cover all the ranges. So, to make it much simpler for you to work with, the number of variables in products offered will be reduced whilst at the same time, more adaptable to suit both Class 1 and Class 10 buildings .

To make it easier for you, AMIA will be offering in all shed windows:

  • Glazingminimum of 4mm glazing– previously it was 3mm. Some windows can require up to 5 mm in C3, and 6mm in some C4 wind pressure zones Cyclone screens may be required in some circumstances
  • Sill – 300Pa rated sill as the new standard. 150Pa rated sill will be phased out before the end of this year. This change offers your clients a better water performance of their window in those heavy storms we now seem to experience more often , particularly in regions less than N3 categories. Many windows will now have larger mullions for compliance, and we are considering a new design for our shed window product range


AMIA New Product Selector Tool

To help make window selection a little easier for you, a new product selector tool is being produced by AMIA.

This tool will enable the use of the Table from AS4055 (N and C ratings) to be incorporated with the window location and exposure level, to ensure the correctly rated product is ordered.

It is our commitment, this tool’s design be as “simple and graphic” as we can make it for you.

As soon as all the relevant information is sourced and collated,   the new Product Selector Tool will be ready to access either through your Head Office notification or direct to you.


How do you know if your windows and sliding glass doors are compliant?

  • Sticker or label adhered to your products


  • Certification Certificate which can be supplied on request


What you need to do “BEFORE” placing your order – So you receive a product Compliant for your client’s Project:

It’s important your order is processed and on its way to you as quickly as possible.

  • Check your order first before placing it with us – Compliance counts
  • You will receive what you order!


To process your Order, you will need to provide your building’s:

  • Wind rating
  • Window location
  • Exposed or non-exposed
  • Building Class – 1 or 10
  •  OR
  • Serviceability Limit state
  • Ultimate Limit state
  • Water Penetration Resistance requirements

Who can provide you with these specifications for a compliant product, “PRIOR” to placing your order?

The Specifier for your client’s design, who may be the

  • Builder
  • Engineer
  • Designer
  • Head Office of your Group, if you belong to an affiliation

If you have any question, please contact us.

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